Paramedic Team Leader

HCPC Paramedic Team Leader


Job Description


Job Title:                     HCPC Paramedic Team Leader

(You must be a HCPC Registered paramedic for this position)


Hours:                         This is a full-time position, 37.5 hours per week. NO NIGHTS*

Reporting:                   Clinical Manager / Directors

Location:                     MET Medical Ambulance Station and deployment throughout the UK.

Starting Salary:           £28,500 per year with regular review



Other benefits:

  • Access to MET/NEST Pension
  • Company mobile phone
  • Access to employee share scheme after 12 months service
  • 28 days annual leave


About MET Medical:

MET Medical is one of the fastest growing independent ambulance services in the UK. We are based in St Albans and provide ambulances and personnel to a wide range of sectors including TV, live events, film, hospitals, nursing homes, the NHS, insurance companies and private individuals. We employ paramedics, ambulance technicians and student paramedics.


Job Purpose

  • To be a key individual in the clinical management, delivery and development of pre-hospital healthcare at MET Medical as MET Medical grows as one of the leading independent ambulance services.
  • To have both clinical and management responsibility carrying out a mixture of clinical and non-clinical work. Clinical duties will be spread across the business including air ambulance, critical transport and large/high risk events.
  • To ensure the delivery of profitable patient-focussed healthcare.
  • To improve and develop the paramedic provision at MET Medical and support the Managing Director.



  • Responding to calls using emergency driving skills and manage emergency calls/incidents as allocated including emergencies, urgent calls, inter-hospital transfers, air ambulance and other allocated operational details commensurate with their role and responsibilities.


  • At all times, provide specialist, clinical, social and holistic care to patients in a pre-hospital environment.


  • Handling, administering, non–prescription, prescription and controlled drugs.


  • To provide telephone triage to incoming calls and enquiries determining requirements for health care professionals and specialist equipment.


  • To provide remote clinical support via telephone or radio to other paramedics, nurses and non-registered health staff in the field.


  • To support the ongoing training and annual training plan of new and existing staff.


  • To provide staff welfare support and encourage team working


  • To assist bookings and administrative staff with clinical queries, at peak times or out of hours.


  • To attend the clinical governance board meetings on a quarterly basis.


  • To carry out interviews and appraisals of key personnel and health professionals.


  • To support the operational team as required.


  • To work with the clinical manager and directors to constantly improve standards and compliance with CQC legislation.


  • Provide patient assessment and treatment in line with the scope of practice and within MET Medical guidelines.


  • To ensure that patient and business confidentiality is maintained at all times and that personal / clinical information is only disclosed in accordance with MET Medical policy, procedure and protocol and in accordance with Caldicott regulations, whilst ensuring that all appropriate information is recorded in a timely and efficient manner.


Job Specific Responsibilities

  • To ensure informed consent is obtained before treatment or intervention is undertaken and to ensure that the communication of information between self, the patient and colleagues is handled, sensitively, clearly, pro-actively and in a manner mindful of patient confidentiality


  • To ensure the efficient use of medical supplies, maintaining adequate supplies throughout the shift, ensuring single use items are used according to protocols and ensuring that all clinical waste is disposed of according to MET-Medical policy and current legislation.


  • To practice in accordance with protocol and current legislation governing the use of medicines and prescription only medicines, in relation to the storage and security of such items both while operational and on station.
  • Receive and interpret information from patients, carers, Healthcare Professionals and other Emergency Services and ensure clear and legible notes are made on the PRF’s (Patient Record Forms) and handed over correctly to the receiving department ensuring continuity of care throughout.


  • Use of the appropriate knowledge and skills in order to make professional judgements, whilst autonomously conducting the appropriate diagnostic procedures and treatments, safely to the appropriate level of training and competency.


Patient Care:

  • To report any incidences of risk, neglect, abuse or endangerment to vulnerable children or adults in accordance with MET Medical policy.


  • To be responsible for the security of patient’s property during the transportation and hand-over at their destination.


  • Be aware and sensitive of the patient’s social and environmental condition and report any matters of concern to the appropriate person or body as defined in local operating procedures.


  • Complete all records and returns properly and promptly. PRF’s are a compulsory requirement and a crucial record of the transfer. These must be completed simultaneously and handed in at the end of your shift. PRF’s are at no time to be taken home.


  • To ensure that all monitoring of patients such as cardiac, pulse oximetry and oxygen management are recorded correctly and legibly at the time of intervention.


  • To assist in the conveyance of patients and passengers using the appropriate equipment provided and/or manual handling techniques to the level of training provided by the Trust, in line with the MET Medical policy.


  • Continue to undertake duty of care to patient, ensuring an appropriate level of monitoring and treatment is maintained throughout the journey and after arrival at destination, until such time as a transfer of duty of care can be made in verbal or written form to an appropriate person.


  • When working with a colleague, who is less clinically qualified or less experienced, you will be expected to provide appropriate guidance as necessary.


Use of Equipment / Facilities & Premises

  • Practice in accordance with current legislation governing the use of medicines, prescription only medicines, including the storage/security and administration of controlled drugs.


  • Use all MET Medical equipment, facilities and premises in a careful and proper manner, with due regard for the security of such items and safety of self and others.


  • To carry out daily equipment checks, maintain and clean equipment following patient use using the infection control policy.


  • To ensure efficient use of medical supplies ensuring adequate levels are available throughout the shift.


  • Ensure single use items are used on a patient once only and discarded appropriately.


Driving Standards:

  • To comply with all road safety regulations exercising the safe use of road traffic exemptions in emergency driving.


  • To carry out vehicle and equipment checks at the start of duty, in accordance with service policy and procedures, ensuring that the vehicle is roadworthy, properly kitted, cleaned (paying particular attention to infection control) and stocked, faults or omissions reported and all appropriate recording procedures completed.


  • Actively participate in personal and environmental cleaning routines including vehicles, equipment and areas of the garaging facilities to ensure that infection prevention and control standards are adhered to.


  • To undertake all mandatory training and training related to the advancement of patient care commensurate with this role.


Use of MET Medical Vehicles:

  • To carry out daily routine checks, e.g. oil, water, brake fluid, battery levels and tyre tread and pressure.


  • Responsible and accountable for ensuring that MET Medical vehicles are in a roadworthy condition before use.


  • Report any defects and/or damage as required (vehicle daily inspection) to the immediate Line Manager/Dispatch, in line with MET Medical policies.


  • To maintain the interior and exterior of emergency vehicles in a state of cleanliness in line with Infection Control guidelines.


  • Driving MET Medical vehicles recognising response times standards, to individual patient’s requirements. This will be carried out under emergency and non-emergency conditions, in accordance with the standards as indicated in the Ambulance Driving Manual and Road Traffic Acts.


General Duties:

  • To undertake all mandatory training, re-certification and any advancement in patient care training commensurate with the Paramedic profession in order to maintain registration as a Registered Paramedic in accordance with HCPC requirements.


  • To carry out annual ALS refresher training.


  • Act within acceptable parameters as an employee/ Manager for MET-Medical, having regard to the applicable ‘Code of Conduct’ for your role and ensuring own practice is in accordance with MET Medical policies.


  • Maintain own CPD and contribute to own personal development by participating in appraisal with line manager, developing a PDP, and actively participating in agreed learning activities and evaluating effectiveness of learning in relation to role.


  • Maintain awareness of current developments and initiatives, such as National Health Service Frameworks, which impact on patient care and give time targets for treatment.


  • To contribute positively to the effectiveness and efficiency of the teams in which he/she works.


  • To contribute to a healthy, safe and secure working environment by adhering to health and safety regulations, MET Medical policies, procedures and guidance.


  • Take necessary action in relation to risks in the workplace including supporting others to manage risks and reporting incidents as necessary.


  • To act in ways that support equality and diversity and the rights of individuals, ensuring own practice is in accordance with Trust policies. Identify and take action when own or others’ action undermines equality and diversity.


  • To raise concerns around risk, malpractice or wrongdoing at work, which may affect patients, staff or the organisation, at the earliest reasonable opportunity.




Essential / Experience:

  • Qualified Paramedic with current HCPC registration for a minimum 12 months
  • Hold a valid EU Driving License (No more than 3 endorsement points)
  • C1 Category licence
  • Member of College of Paramedics
  • Evidence of Continual Professional Development
  • Current IHCD or equivalent D1 & D2 driving qualification (current advanced driving)
  • Up to date continuing professional development portfolio
  • Effective social skills gained from experience, dealing with the public
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office, Outlook etc.
  • Highly motivated and driven


Knowledge / Skills / Ability

  • Ability to carry out manual handling including the lifting of patients and equipment
  • Good knowledge of current operational procedures and clinical practices
  • Good verbal, listening and written communication skills
  • Able to communicate across wide demographic boundaries in an appropriate manner
  • Demonstrate the ability and commitment to providing high quality patient care,
  • appropriate to patient needs
  • Able to operate all appropriate information systems in an efficient and effective
  • manner relevant to this post
  • Respects and applies patient confidentiality at all times
  • Displays good diplomatic skills, is tactful and discreet.
  • Good organisational skills, is able to identify priority pathways and act effectively
  • under pressure
  • Able to produce accurate records in accordance with MET-Medical policy.
  • Is self-motivated with ability to work within occupational guidelines
  • Displays excellent attention to detail
  • Maintains a flexible and proactive approach to work
  • Demonstrate a commitment to team working


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HCPC Paramedic Team Leader – Job Description




Met Medical Application Form – HCPC Paramedic


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Equality and Diversity

MET Medical are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to avoiding unlawful discrimination in employment. In endeavouring to become an equal opportunity employer we intend that no job applicant or employee shall receive less favourable treatment because of their gender, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability or age; not be disadvantaged by any other conditions or requirements which are irrelevant.


There will be equal opportunities in the recruitment, training and development and promotion of employees. MET Medical strives to ensure that the work environment is free of harassment and bullying and that everyone is treated with dignity and respect is an important aspect of ensuring equal opportunities in employment.



Data Protection Act

All staff must comply with the Data Protection Act and must not disclose personal

information regarding patients or other employees to unauthorised personnel. Staff must ensure that patient documents are secure (this includes handwritten or printed job sheets) and are not accessible to other parties.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £28,500.00 /year


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